Misleading Euphemisms

I‘ve pretty much had enough of politically correct nouns, terms, phrases–often borrowed from contemporary marketing, business and government.  “Horse harvesting” and “horse processing” are two of them.  Aren’t any of you old enough to remember the dairy man, the greengrocer, the haberdasher, and the butcher?  Have we become so precious in our speech that we now call the butcher a “product renderer”?  And so, the butchering of an animal is now known as the “harvesting of his meat”–or not even so specific:  “meat harvesting”.  In what way does a live, sentient being provide something which must be “harvested”?  Are they products of the earth in the same way as onions and cabbage are?

I’m tired of it.  Just as I’m tired of the continual hijacking of perfectly good words, like “oversight”–now trumped up as the noun form of “overseeing”, when “oversight” has always, ever meant  “an unintended omission.”   True, English is a mongrel language, and it becomes more unruly by the month.  Harumph…bah, humbug…and all those great auld lang syne expletives.

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Horse Tartar & Toxoplasmosis

I know…it was hard to write so I imagine y’all had a gut reaction to even reading the gruesome image embedded in that title.  According to a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) report, (Vol. 17, No. 7, July 2011) raw horsemeat causes death from something called toxoplasmosis due to the T. gondii parasite.  ‘Why would anyone eat raw meat, period?’ I hear you asking.  Apparently, in France, it is common practice to eat raw horsemeat, considered to be good for one’s health (that’s what I was told, too, when, as a child, I was made to swallow cod liver oil).  There is no accounting for era-specific and culture-specific traditions, it seems.

The report analyzes three cases of disease (in one case, foetal death) traced to horsemeat imported from Canada and Brazil (in one case, the origin of the horsemeat ingested could not be determined).  

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About Stallions & Women

An ancient Arab saying puts it this way:  “I’d rather face an angry lion than an angry stallion.”  Tornado III was our stallion.  He was taller even than Doc, our 17.5 HH palomino, and, um, broader.  We could ride Toe but, once astride, you had to stay on through his first 15 minutes of bucking and rearing; after that short display, he was a good ride, never gave trouble after that first little bit of show (and, given his size, it was an impressive show).  Lots of chuckling and head-shaking went on (on our parts, not his).  So much for what we knew then, now some forty years ago. Deb Harper has helped me understand, by example and by action, what Toe was trying to tell us all those many years ago:  “I will tell YOU when I am READY to be ridden…and you will not be comfortable on my back until I give the say-so.”  Respect…that’s what we lacked, simple respect.  

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A Continuum of Deceit & Cruelty

The CHDC has released a grim report on the gruesome realities at La Petite Nation’s slaughterhouse in St-Andre-Avellin.  The undercover investigation was conducted in July 2011.  La version française est aussi disponible.  Warning:  the video segments are graphic.

“Beauty in the lap of terror” (The Mysteries of Udolpho, Ann Radcliffe, 1794)

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Urgent: Horses Dying from Cruelty in L’Île D’Orléans

UPDATE: Peaceful demo to be held Saturday, June 9, 2012, at 3:00pm at St-Pierre De Lile Dorleans, QC.

I just read this on Celine Tremblay’s “potin” (blog) about a colt dying because of random and cruel neglect on Ile d’Orleans.  This is from Céline’s post:

Cette semaine, j’aimerais vous parler d’un cas de cruauté envers les chevaux à L’Île D’Orléans.  Plusieurs plaintes semblent avoir été faites auprès de la MAPAC, la SPA Anima-Québec et la Sûreté du Québec sans grand succès.
Promesse est un poulain frison de 2 ans dont la cote de chair est actuellement de 0, tout au plus 1. Visiblement affaibli, ses jours sont comptés avec l’arrivée de l’hiver.
Les plaintes au MAPAQ n’ayant rien donné et l’impuissance de la Sûreté du Québec  à intervenir, forcent mon appel au public.
Dans le creux de son oreille, j’ai fait la promesse au poulain de me battre pour lui (et pour la horde).  J’ai nommé ce petit cheval « Promesse ». Merci de contribuer à mon effort de sauvetage, car il y a urgence.

I wish I’d seen this sooner because apparently a demonstration was held today, December 3rd.  This, after appeals to the Sûreté du Québec, Anima-Québec, and MAPAQ (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Production of Quebec) got nowhere (what else is new?).  Pour vous joindre aux combattants pour Promesse et ses amis, communiquez avec Louise B. à l’adresse suivante louise.branchaud@videotron.ca   That’s the email to write to, to offer help or to join up with these advocates or visit les écuries Diabolo or click on the link above, Promesse.  This is urgent so please help if you can.  In the meantime, I’ll try to get more information.  Every minute counts for this 2-yr old baby whose body grade is less than one.

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