I Love Men in Uniform!

An email full of concern for me stated that I should never have proffered a “veiled threat” to the powerful QC horse slaughter industry.  The RCMP and CSIS will be at my door any day now, the nervous emailer wrote.  They referred to a reply I made to one of the comments in one of my posts about Radio-Canada (that’s the French-speaking cognate of CBC Radio) and their fractured attempts to discuss horsemeat and horse slaughter in Quebec.  I never make “veiled” threats; believe me when I say that when I threaten someone, they will not be in any doubt whatsoever that they’ve been threatened.   This is what I had written:

“Current industry dismisses and denigrates the passion for change to its own detriment, downfall and ultimate removal.  We are many and we are watching.”

This is not a threat…nor is it veiled.  It is a statement of historical fact (based on politico-historical “action” and “reaction” whence quiet revolutions change the status quo), and the last sentence in that quote is a paraphrase from the Kent State students’ massacre (look it up) where they chanted:  “The whole world is watching…The whole world is watching.”

Though not as famously embedded in our Charter of Rights as in the US Constitution, we do have freedom of dissent in Canada, thus there is no reason for any policing agency to come after me for expressing my views on how wrong horse slaughter is in Canada and in Quebec.  In fact, I have great respect for the peace officers of this country, and the red serge of the RCMP is as seductive to me as catnip to a cat–I just love men in uniform.  So, free yourself of worry, my friend:  no-one is after me.  I am not important enough to be on their radar…yet.


  1. Karin Hauenstein
    Mar 10, 2012

    What this “industry” is supressing and will eventually result in their “product” becoming illegal for distribution for human consumption are the extremely high levels of adrenaline and cortisol in head-shot horse meat. They do not test for unhealthy levels of these hormones and steroids that occur naturally and are distrubuted automatically throughout the harvested flesh of the equine after the shot. The evidence is in the pulsing and the risk of harm to humans is very high, just as in head-shot beef. The beef slaughter industry loses millions every year due to this and with the levels much higher in horse meat, it is only a matter if time before these very pertinent facts are published publicly upon independent scientific verification, this information becomes common knowledge and this poisonous “product” is outlawed

    • Cynthia
      Mar 10, 2012

      Thanks for this, Karin. I kept the previous email you’d sent me and have been meaning to expand its excellent information in to a post. If you don’t mind, I will do so with your comment. Karin Hauenstein’s website, folks, is http://www.horseactivist.com I will be blogging about her shortly.

      • Karin Hauenstein
        Mar 11, 2012

        Cool! I appreciate it! You are welcome to connect with me also on facebook, my personal page, Cross-Country Horse Packing group and Horse Activist on facebook. Also, I mentored the Nelsey’s of Horseback for Haiti, who are about to reach their destination in Houston, TX after leaving West Branch, MI on September 11, 2011 with their dog and a 5 horse pack string. :0) Thank you for the support and connection. We are both soldiers in the same side of this battle.

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