Saving our Mustangs in Canada

Bob and Doreen Henderson head up WHOAS, the Wild Horses of Alberta Society, devoted to stopping the government-sanctioned cull of mustangs in the Sundre region of Alberta and parts of BC.  I can’t recommend their site too highly–and not just for the wealth of information available on what’s left of Canada’s mustangs (Bob’s History of the Horse in Alberta stands out in particular)–but also for the stirring photos which Bob features on the site.  A few years ago, I was involved in lobbying the Alberta government (and the federal, and COSEWIC, and the David Suzuki Foundation) to change the designation of these horses from “feral” to “heritage species”.  Despite DNA evidence and archeological finds that point to these horses as the last surviving descendants of the conquistadors’ mounts, the Alberta government persists in its wrong-headed view that these magnificent creatures are merely strays who’ve escaped from domestic herds.  The WHOAS site provides much more detail on this government-abetted theft of an integral part of Canada’s history and legacy to future Canadians. Once there, I hope you sign their petition even as you relish the exceptional photos of these iconic animals.


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