Lunch Chat with Book Club

Lunch Chat with Book Club

I feel so privileged.  The Book Club has invited me to a Luncheon Chat on June 6th.  Again, I have Curves in part to thank for this.  One of the benefits of being a Curves member is that you get to meet lots of women from all backgrounds, of all ages and dispositions, and, if you tend, like I do, to work out at about the same time of day every day or every other day, you develop relationships of one kind or another…  It makes Curves feel like a safe harbour from your daily woes as you work out and chat with many of the same women–and some new ones–each time you visit.  It reminds me of when I used to walk my true-love, Fred, in the field near the airport:  all dog-owners came to know one another, and we each looked out for each other’s pet as we talked and walked.  A truly friendly and safe community with something in common from the get-go…like my Curves.  During the Book Signings at Curves (which Shanta Kalli, the owner, insisted I hold every day for a week!), many members bought my book.  In part, I think some wanted to encourage a local writer; others to encourage an “older” local writer; and others, just because they found the storyline interesting and wanted to check it out.  One such named Ivy suggested Ground Manners to her book club as their May selection–and just like that, I was invited to meet and chat with the members about the book.  I am sooo looking forward to this!  And I have Ivy and Curves to thank for an opportunity to share my thoughts about writing and fiction and horses and Quebec history with interested people.  One day, I may be able to list Ground Manners under the category, Books That Matter. (How did I get so blessed?)


  1. Ivy
    May 20, 2011

    Hi Cynthia,

    Margaret (our book club founder) just emailed me your blog site. I’m looking forward to reading some of the posts. I’d just like to clarify that we are not the “Pincourt” Book Club. None of us live in Pincourt so just in case there is a Pincourt Book Club, I thought I would let you know. We’re a group of friends from Ste Anne’s, Baie D’Urfe and Ile Bellevue. Looking forward to our lunch date on June 6th.

    • Cynthia
      May 21, 2011

      I apologize, Ivy! I confused your “club” with a Seniors’ Club in Pincourt which was also interested in a meeting. I’ll change the title right now! Thanks for being so understanding!

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