May Equine Awareness May 14 thru 29th/2011

M (May 14 through 29) is a two-week awareness and education campaign profiling everything equine.  Two Equine Fairs are being held in Ontario:  Uxbridge on May 14 (Everything Equine Fair), and Lindsay on May 28/29 (All About Horses Fair).  Celebrations of the horse by artists, in music, film and literature will be featured alongside updates on horse rescue and welfare initiatives, auction and feedlot realities, and information on European Union (EU) policies and pending anti-slaughter legislation.  Email for details and visit The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition blog at or go to the CHDC site:


Apart from the Fairs, supporters (horse-lovers, breeders, riders, trainers, owners) are asked to participate in Daily Campaigns including:

  • contacting local stores and restaurants that sell horsemeat for human consumption (see A Deadly Mouthful, below);
  • Contacting European and Canadian stakeholder agencies and industries regarding how the horse slaughter industry plans to comply with the EU’s Commission import requirements for horsemeat from Canada;
  • Becoming aware of the risks of sending your horse to auction, or even selling your horse to owners intent on auctioning the horse off to the nearest kill-buyer;
  • Spreading knowledge about phenylbutazone and the many other drugs given exclusively to horses (which are not raised for food purposes) that are banned in human consumption;
  • Promoting horse rescuers and horse welfare initiative programmes.


Please support the initiatives of May Equine Awareness by taking action in person, by email or by any of the social media available to you.


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