When No-one Cares for you, I will

Believe it or not, the title of this post is a quote from the John Wayne movie, The Sons of Katie Elder.  My but the world has changed!  The New York Times had an article I found enlightening if only because, when taken together with the following article (written by Animals-Angels USA), it embodies how a new insight into an old tradition evolves into action…

The first link to the NY Times: click here.
The second link: click here.

I borrowed that link from the CHDC blog but the information comes from Animals-Angels USA.  Ideas, like people, come to us all the time, unbidden, unexpected, unforeseen.  We cross paths with different people throughout our lives; some stay for a spell; some move on; some barely nod on their way out the door.  Ideas (which I’ve no doubt in latin originates from “res brainiac” or something similar) are just as random; some ideas enthuse or inflame us for a short (or long) time; some flash long enough to diarize about (or maybe blog about); and some implant themselves as values-in-waiting, as if there were a by-station, a purgatory or a smithy where ideas are forged into values .  That’s what I like about juxtaposing the two above links:  the first article was written by someone who changed his mind about horse racing; the second shows the netherworld of abandonment carried on the very day of the Derby, cheered on by a gayly behatted audience.  It makes me think of the 1970s bestseller, Men, Women and Rape by Susan Brownmiller.  A journalist by trade, the author writes simply in her introduction:  ‘I am a woman who changed her mind about rape.’ Changing one’s mind is a power we all have.  Bacon wrote that ‘information is power’ but it’s more accurate to say that information may give us the power to change our minds on certain issues. And then, only if we are so inclined.  I’m thinking of Anita Bryant, so outspoken against gays, who, once informed that even animals have such relationships, responded dismissively:  ‘well, I don’t know about all that.’  Makes you wonder.  (And if it doesn’t make you wonder, what do you spend your time thinking about?)

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