Happy Feet Airborne to BC

I leave tomorrow for Maple Ridge, BC, to attend the Pacific Canadian Horse Show.  CHHAPS (the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society) is the Show sponsor, and I may get to meet Bromont Loupin Prince, the splendiferous stallion featured on the cover of Ground Manners.  Even if I don’t, I will be breathing the same air as he does, and Betty Baxter, co-owner of Five Winds Farm and Vice-Chair of CHHAPS has assured me that I will meet his progeny.  Deb Harper, NH trainer and official photog of the event, will meet me on Friday and spirit me away to her place where I will meet her miniatures, Lyric (a Trakehner) and assorted precious cats and dogs.  Deb asked if I wanted to do any ground work with the horses–ground work!–all ground work is to me is, ‘how close can I get to your silky face and will you let me kiss it a la Pepe Le Pew’!  Could anyone be any more fortunate than I am at this moment in time?!!  To boot, I will be meeting with a cousin of mine, Carole and her husband, Danny, whom I haven’t seen in nearly twelve years. I won’t be bringing my computer, but I will report back here with photos upon my return…a return, I’ve no doubt, which will be one of ebullience (to misquote Freud)!  British Columbia, here I come!

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