The Toronto Star features Horse Slaughter on Front Page

The Toronto Star features Horse Slaughter on Front Page

I was alerted to this information on the Cdn Horse Defence Coalition blog. A heartfelt thank-you to the two reporters, Robert Cribb and David Graham, who researched this article and to The Toronto Star for making it their front-page feature! I was particularly grateful to learn from the video that the reporters actually followed a horse transport to see whether the horses had been fed or watered at any point. (We know they aren’t, but having it published by the mainstream media has an impact.) I read some of the comments from Star readers and it fascinates me that the ratio of pro-slaughter to anti-slaughter is almost two-to-three. Since some of them claimed to be horse-owners, you’d think that the article would compel them to do their own research, but then again, the level of ignorance about nature in general was appalling, eg. “oh yeah…it’s less cruel than to let them be eaten in the wild by bears and wolves.” Huh? Then there was the horse-owner who never gives bute to his five horses…well, not never…well, only three of five…or two of four…or, not in the past four years anyway…or…I got dizzy with the changing stats. Then there were Americans who slammed Canada (“we don’t do it in our country”)…um, no, you send them to us so we can do it for you (shame on us!). Some Americans rightly pointed out that their ban on slaughter didn’t help since so many horses are now left to die, abandoned by a roadside. Overbreeding, anyone? Unable or unwilling to euthanize, anyone? Those with a good appetite revelled in their regular diet of horsemeat: bute a l’orange, anyone?  Here are the links:–shooting-horses-canada-s-slaughter-industry-under-fire?bn=1

for the YouTube video:–shooting-horses

and for an exceptional study of, and keen statistical analysis of horse slaughter in the States, go to: by Jane Allin

I’ll blog more on the above shortly.  In the meantime, I’ll keep hoping that The Montreal Gazette will feature something similar; after all, the Massueville Abattoir owned by Viandes Richelieu Meats is one of the worst offenders in terms of the manner in which they slaughter horses.


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