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My webmaster is virtually the smartest person on the planet…but he’s also very busy, so I’m not sure how to release the “copyright” condition on the postcard (back and front) I presented in a prior post as a way for you to reach your MP (although you can always order the printed cards from me directly at cynthia@cynthiaderrico.com at no charge, or download them from the CHDC blog).  On this same subject, I want to clarify that I have copied pix from various animal/horse advocacy sites which belong to them, not me.  In all cases, I’ve identified the copyright owners of those pictures (with the exception of Deb’s pix…cuz she’s just so good to me).  If anyone or any organisation out there has a problem with this, let me know.


  1. SAM
    Jan 3, 2012

    Have recieved your post cards by mail before christmas and sent to my MP, ect.
    I thank-you very much Cynthia
    Hoping 2012 will bring peace & cruel Horse-Slaughter Banned.
    Keep up your good work and i will try to give all my time & efforts for the Equines also, on my side.
    Happy New Year!
    (SAM) 2012

    • Cynthia
      Jan 3, 2012

      Let’s hope and pray that 2012 will be the year we stop horse slaughter on our own soil. You and everyone else is welcome to the postcards; anyone who cannot download them from this blog site, can email me and I’ll send them to you free of charge. Nearly 400 have gone out to concerned Canadians, and I’ll keep having them printed if the demand is there.

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