Good News about Ground Manners. A Novel

Good News about Ground Manners. A Novel

Every now and then, I have a brainstorm…as opposed to my usual state, “bubblebrain”.  I came across Carol Upton’s site almost by chance, circuitously anyway, as most “stumbles-upon” occur on the internet.  When I read her site, I just knew that this was the person I’d been desperately wishing into existence to help me market GM and its message to the public.  Now don’t get me wrong:  I have marketing experience; I’m a pretty smart cookie, neurons only just lately starting to crumble, so I thought I’d done a pretty fair job so far.  But now, Carol…well, Carol, like one of those gentle forces of nature–like a sudden wind that knocks you off your feet, or a downpour that wets you through and through before you’ve even processed that it’s raining–just shimmers into your circle like Gwenda in The Wizard of OZ, and carefully assesses your needs, dialogues with you (as a person and as a writer), and then produces results far beyond your expectations, and makes it appear so simple and easy, that you are left quite speechless (which, as you know, is a rare state for me).  (I bet she has a magic wand on her person somewhere; it must be another ‘practical magic’ thing, eh.)   So, before I go on to list and link to the important horse websites which Carol somehow persuaded to carry her excellent Press Review of GM, let me just say ‘thanks, Carol.  I am most beholden to you.’  And one of the most heartwarming results of Carol’s work on Ground Manners’ behalf is that Yvonne Allen, who owns Voice for the Horse in Langley, BC, has asked me to provide, as a prize, a copy of my novel for their First Annual International Writing Competition.  Now, I ask you:  does lightning strike twice?  When Betty Baxter of CHHAPS asked if I would provide a prize copy for the July CHHAPS Horse Show, I was thrilled to death.  I never thought such an honour would be bestowed on me ever again.  Okay, okay…I know I’m running on.  Here are the links which include Carol’s exceptional Press Review of Ground Manners. A Novel (in Voice for the Horse). I’m so proud.  Please visit these sites.

Voice for the Horse  (Langley, BC)

Horse Country magazine  (Manitoba- based; due in their November 2011 issue)

True Cowboy magazine  (California; TBA)

Stablewoman Gazette  (I really like the purple sidebars adorning my book cover).

This is in addition to Carol posting on facebook, LinkedIn, and all those other social media sites which I am too technically challenged to join.  Hey Carol…have I thanked you yet?

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