Hope for Horses

Hope for Horses

I love the name–I just love it.  HopeForHorses is a relatively new group of concerned, committed horse lovers, advocates, owners, breeders, and horse health practitioners who have become aware of situations in which horses are in distress, neglected and/or abandoned, sometimes by loving owners whose fortunes have changed, sometimes by others who either don’t know any better or who have not planned for the horse’s future when a personal armageddon occurs.  Hope for Horses concentrates its energy on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  I don’t know exact numbers, but I do know that Western Canada has a great number of equines–matching and probably exceeding the number of equines we have here in Quebec.  The vast expanses of land in BC and Alberta lend themselves to owning livestock and horses which may have carried on for generations or been inaugurated by urbanites seeking to “return to the land”–something not unknown to those of us who experienced the “back-to-the-land” movement of the 60s.

What’s so wonderful about Hope for Horses is that responsible, loving owners who have fallen on hard times can appeal to them to help care for their beloved pets.  This is how the group’s Policy statement puts it:

Equine Aid Policy

Procedure and Policies for funding requests

  • Hope for Horses is a non-profit (registered charity) that raises funds through the efforts of volunteers.
  • It is intended to be a last resort for caregivers who have exhausted all their personal resources, as well as potential lenders, for the care of equids.
  • Persons accessing funds must be prepared to demonstrate and/or provide evidence of their financial need. Repayment of any funds provided to applicants are always appreciated. This allows us to assist other clients who find themselves in similar circumstances.
  • It is the mandate of Hope for Horses Society to provide financial aid for horses, primarily, on Vancouver Island. In the case of emergency elsewhere in BC, financial aid may be considered if the needs are acute.
  • The maximum amount that Hope for Horses will provide to an aid a horse in need is $1000.
  • Funding referrals will be accepted from the SPCA,  attending Veterinarians or self referral from website. All applicants must fully complete the Hope for Horses Funding Application Form and be prepared to provide Hope for Horses with any other relevant information that is requested during the review process.
  • All applicants must supply a reference from a veterinarian if the SPCA is not conducting an animal/site inspection.
  • To receive funding the applicant’s horses must be capable of a good quality of life after an intervention, with the exception of funding for euthanasia.
  • To receive funding for euthanasia a referral from a veterinarian or the SPCA is mandatory. Hope for Horses will also supply the SPCA with pre-approved euthanasia certificates to be gifted upon their discretion.
  • To receive funding applicants must be able to demonstrate the ability to provide ongoing care after receiving financial aid.
  • In the instance that an applicant cannot provide ongoing care but have contacted the SPCA for an animal/site inspection, and can demonstrate that they are actively seeking a home for the animal (that can provide appropriate ongoing care), funding may be considered.
  • If at any time the review committee feels that an applicant’s horse may be in distress the SPCA must be contacted immediately.
  • Applications from Hope for Horses directors, or members of the review committee, cannot and will not be considered, nor should directors or members petition for applicants. Should a committee member or director require financial assistance, this would require resignation from their position within the Society.
As with so many equine assistance and rescue groups throughout Canada, Hope for Horses shares its love of horses with others in very practical ways, ways which acknowledge all that’s involved in caring for a horse or horses, and recognizes, that, sometimes, through no fault of one’s own, help is needed to ensure that equines are cared for…not sent to auction (where fates are terribly uncertain), not sent to slaughter (where only misery lies ahead), and not left to languish and suffer, without recourse, while an owner, in anguish him/herself, frets over what to do and where to turn.
Bravo, Hope for Horses.  I’m glad to know ya, and bless you for the work you do and will continue to do for our horses and for loving horse owners who need a helping hand to better tend to their beloved equines.

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