Listen Up: Part Two. The Petition

Here are the links you need to support Bill C-322 in English et en francais.  Remember that the Canadian Parliament requires hard copies with real, not online, signatures, so we need people on the ground collecting paper-and-ink signatures.  It’s not easy but it is.  Think about where you run your errands:  every single outlet/store/business you deal with can display a copy of this petition to their customers/clients.  Make sure to leave your phone number or email addy so that curious or cautious people can contact you for more information.  What we need to tell people is that the drug “bute” is retained in horse carcasses and entrails (used in cosmetics, etc) and is deadly to humans, especially children.  La drogue connu comme “bute” est interdite pour les fins de la consommation humaine.  Ceci est une drogue qui reste dans le chair (surtout les muscles, les reins et les organes des chevaux qui sont utilises dans l’industrie de la maquillage) et ne devrait pas etre ingeste par les etres humaines.  La viande chevaline n’est pas de la viande…c’est de la poison !  Point.

Beyond all that, horses are prey animals.  Unlike the characteristic passivity shown by food animals like cows and sheep (pigs are another story), the “flight” gestures of horses make it impossible to slaughter them in ways traditionally used for shorter, passive animals like cows.  Trying to fix the bolt from a stun gun or bullet from a rifle on a moving target is impossible. Quoting an American Indian featured in James Kleinert’s amazing documentary, Wild Horses and Renegades, the horse embodies “the spirit of motion…always moving, roaming….


  1. Kristen Halverson
    Oct 16, 2011

    Hi Cynthia,

    Thank you again for your book.
    I met you at the welfare conference.
    I returned to Bastrop to another evacuation.
    I am just starting book. I will send you a review
    within 2 weeks. Thank you again for all
    that you do.
    Kind Regards,
    Kristen Halverson

    • Cynthia
      Oct 16, 2011

      Hi Kristen! Yes I remember you very well. I’d be honoured to read your review of Ground Manners and will post it on my book site I know you’re busy helping to save our horses, Kristen, so I thank you most sincerely, too. For the Horses! Cynthia

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