Listen up: this is Important

Listen up:  this is Important

Alex Atamanenko, honourable member of Parliament (MP) put forth Bill C-322 to the Parliament of Canada last week.  The Bill proposes to end horse slaughter on Canadian soil and to stop the export of horsemeat to foreign countries.  Why?  One:  horsemeat retains toxic drugs which are deadly to humans, especially children; two, the way in which horses are slaughtered in Canada is not only inhumane but also unsanitary.  Why should you care?  One: we export horsemeat to other countries (France, Belgium, Japan).  Horsemeat has been proven to be toxic to humans, especially children…so while you’ve set up monthly payments to provide for an underprivileged child in a foreign country, have you also ensured that that child is not being fed horsemeat?  Two:  would you put your dog down by bashing him over the head over and over again with a baseball bat?  If not, then go to the websites listed below to see how horses are “put down” before they’re rendered into meat in our country, in our country Canada…Canada, now known as the horse slaughter capital of North America.  Whatever the Cdn Food Inspection Agency  (CFIA) says, remember that its own Union President admitted that no-one really supervises horse slaughter; no-one really intervenes as horses are put through several stages of deprivation, starting with terrorizing, hunger, thirst, herd separation, eyes blown away by inaccurate rifle shots by incompetent riflemen; legs ripped off by impatient truckers; live vivisection to remove their babies (former abattoir workers testify to this horrid practice again and again…”we often hear their little hearts beating when we throw them in the garbage bin”).  Basically, we take away their freedom, their families, and then we take their lives…and we do that, in the most barbaric way imaginable.  Now you may well say, ‘hey, if they’re no longer serviceable, at least we can eat their meat or send their meat abroad to help feed others’.  First of all, most of them are still serviceable, being young, strong and healthy, but I’ll get to that later.  But well, yeah, that would be a mildly noble aim IF we didn’t medicate them throughout their lives with drugs specifically forbidden for human consumption going back to the early 1950s because those same drugs kill people; or maybe it would be a noble aim if any of that meat ever reached poor starving people (assuming the meat were free of those deadly drugs).  But, of course, horsemeat is considered a delicacy and is only served in restaurants which cater to people with Gold Visa cards, people, who, for the sake of trying an exotic taste, order horse tartar (which is really phenylbutazone a l’orange); indulge for the ten minutes it takes to consume a meal, and wipe their mouths with embroidered cloth serviettes afterwards, forgetting what they’ve consumed by dawn of the next day.  Who does that?  Who lives that way?   Well, last I heard, there is four per cent of the population that can live high on the hog (pardon the expression) whenever and however they wish…but should they?  There is a demand, you say, and where there is a demand, there should be a supply.  I don’t know about that:  after all, there is a demand for cocaine…should we then simply supply cocaine?  Isn’t that pandering to an appetite that does nothing but wreak havoc and reduce man to a low beyond recorded lows?  Isn’t the old business saw of supply-and-demand subject to limitation, in the same way that freedom of speech ends when a prankster yells ‘fire!’ in a crowded theatre just for a lark?  I just read that our Minister of Health is reviewing the health safety of those energy drinks like Red Bull.  The long-term consequences of imbibing an energy drink is nothing compared to the deadly damage eating horsemeat can do in a much shorter time, especially for young children.  Who is looking into that?  The export of horsemeat to foreign countries is a multimillion dollar business:  what does that tell us from the get-go?

Please consider downloading and circulating the petition (forthcoming) to stop horse slaughter.  Perhaps more important if you’re on the fence, consider carefully reading the rest of the material I’ve provided here…and then decide if this is a cause you can devote time to.  Personally, I’d rather be doing this than worrying about whether Loblaw’s or IGA has the better sale on Tide.  For the impecunious (and God knows, I spent enough years with hardly two sticks to rub together), you can still write to your MP, you can still tell your friends about the issue; if you have no money to count, you can still make your voice count.  I will post several informative links tomorrow.  In the meantime, go to for the petition.  Don’t just stand there…do something!  Me…it’s late…I’m going to bed (and I hope to god I don’t dream)…but, like a bad penny, I’ll turn up tomorrow with more grim information.  Tune in and stay close.  It ain’t pretty, I know…but, like cleaning out the toilet, somebody’s gotta do it.

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