A Canadien Stallion: Saved from Slaughter

A Canadien Stallion:  Saved from Slaughter

If you search back through my prior posts (Horses), you’ll read about the demo against horse slaughter held in Quebec at the Massueville horse slaughterhouse (Viandes Richelieu) in October 2010.  The pic is of the magnificent, 5-year-old, registered, purebred Canadien stallion whose fool of an owner was ready to have slaughtered at Massueville for the petty price of $350.  “Macho” (now re-named) was rescued by the demonstrators, especially Celine Tremblay of les ecuries Diabolo who transported “Macho” to Refuge RR.  Most of the demonstrators were from the Ottawa Animal Defense League…but Dave and I were there too…it was a concerted effort on all our parts.  What a beauty he is!  I’m glad I was there and I’m glad we were able to save at least one…and such a one!  (Go to Refuge RR’s website to see a bigger version of this picture.)

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