An Aside to the Primer on Horse Slaughter

ALERT:  Several of the email alerts I received yesterday stated that the US has decided to re-instate monies so that USDA workers can “inspect” horse abattoirs if and when they re-open for business.  Go here    or here   http:///  for more information.  AMERICANS, go here to learn how your own state can combat this backward thinking:

Also, a newsletter from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition (CHDC) advises that the CFIA, in trying to keep up with all the violations of the food safety system here in Canada (reported in last month’s report by the EC), has announced:  New Enhanced EID (Equine Information Document) Form for Slaughter Bound Horses

Yet another measure taken by the CFIA to satisfy European Commission (EC) food safety requirements is the enhanced EID form now available online:

The problem remains:  since over 60 per cent of the horses we slaughter are imported from the States, and the US doesn’t keep EID’s on their horses (because they are not bred to be eaten by people), how will the CFIA ensure that the documentation requirements of the EC are fulfilled and accurate? (Let’s say we can give no assurances, and given the absence of proof that those imported horses are not toxin-free, we can’t, by law, slaughter them and use their meat for food distribution, so do we just send them back to the US?).   In late January of 2010, Dr. Cordes, National Equine Coordinator of the USDA, said that compliance [with the EU’s requirements] was Canada’s responsibility.  [source:  Press Release CHDC dated Jan 31/10 as per the EWA and the CHDC].   More to come as well as answers to the remaining questions in Part B of  A Primer on Horse Slaughter….

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