An Empire of One

I don’t mind getting spam on this blog; my readers will never see it because I have an excellent spam-catcher selected by my excellent webmaster, Tyler.  Just lately, however, there have been comments sent by really rude, and clearly, ill-informed people who think expletives make their message stronger.  They don’t.  Let me respond to you all such now:  this blog is an Empire of One; I’m the Empress, animator, chief cook and bottle-washer, which basically means that all comments go to me for moderation (‘sober, second thought’) and I decide whether the comment appears on this blog.  Hey, one has so little power in this universe, it gratifies me to have even that little pocket of power over my own blog.

As such, any of you who are pro- horse slaughter and wish to intelligently, thoughtfully, and politely respond to my Primer with a civil tongue in your head, you are more than welcome to comment here, and I will be happy to cross swords with you.  Those of you who have the IQ of a gnat, the verbal skills of a three-year-old, and the anger management of a serial killer, are not welcome to comment.  I trust my description helps you identify yourselves. Got it?  Good.  Now let’s get on with the final few questions of our Primer.

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