Misleading Euphemisms

I‘ve pretty much had enough of politically correct nouns, terms, phrases–often borrowed from contemporary marketing, business and government.  “Horse harvesting” and “horse processing” are two of them.  Aren’t any of you old enough to remember the dairy man, the greengrocer, the haberdasher, and the butcher?  Have we become so precious in our speech that we now call the butcher a “product renderer”?  And so, the butchering of an animal is now known as the “harvesting of his meat”–or not even so specific:  “meat harvesting”.  In what way does a live, sentient being provide something which must be “harvested”?  Are they products of the earth in the same way as onions and cabbage are?

I’m tired of it.  Just as I’m tired of the continual hijacking of perfectly good words, like “oversight”–now trumped up as the noun form of “overseeing”, when “oversight” has always, ever meant  “an unintended omission.”   True, English is a mongrel language, and it becomes more unruly by the month.  Harumph…bah, humbug…and all those great auld lang syne expletives.

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