The Future’s So Bright: Wear Shades

Les informations ci-bas seront répétés en français sous peu.  Voice for the Horse is hosting an International Writing Competition for Young People, up to age 18, on the subject of wild horses.  VFTH is a great advocate of mustangs, burros, and all those timeless equines Wild Horse Annie (Velma Johnston) fought so hard to preserve for future generations.  I’ll be talking more about VFTH, and (beware), writing to select horse advocacy and horse-loving groups to promote this Competition to their memberships.  The young ones need little encouragement to share their love of horses, but what we need is to hear it, read it, and understand how crucial it is to the continuing care of all equines everywhere.  The combination of writing and writing about what we are passionate about (and I do know a little bit about that particular combination) is priceless, and all young horse-lovers will revel in the process, the journey which gives voice to their love and admiration of the equine, and gives a voice to the horse as well.  More later.  In the meantime, please visit the links above and encourage your young ones to submit their thoughts (hey, they’re all writing poetry and short stories, hidden somewhere you have no idea where, and they’re all about their angst, passion, devotion, to friends, dogs, cats…and horses.  I know I did).  Submissions can be in Français or English.  I’ll keep you posted.

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