Justify Your Existence

This is a new game in which you gain or lose points depending on what kind of earth citizen you’ve been.  The questions are very like the ones you’re asked when you sign up with the Quebec government’s eco-agency–you know, questions like:  “do you recycle? do you compost? do you car-pool? do you wash your clothes in cold water?”…that sort of thing.  The more points you accumulate, the better, and you’re on your way to winning, to having “your existence justified”; the winner becomes the owner of our planet until a challenger knocks him off his pedestal.  It reminds me of that bio-clock craze a few years back.  The bio-clock measured your lifespan in nano-seconds and kept ticking away as you were going about your business.  Its purpose was to remind you that human life is finite (really?) and one should be as productive as possible.  No daydreaming for you, Einstein.

What I like about this new game Justify Your Existence is how it crystallizes virtually the entire cultural shift that we’ve witnessed in the past two or three decades.  And for those of you who snort “pshaw, nonsense”, let me quote Jonathan Safran Foer:  “if nothing matters, then there’s nothing to save.”

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