Filière cheval du Québec: Bravo

Filière cheval du Québec:  Bravo

Pendant que les organismes hors QC s’associe aux groupes américaines ainsi qu’en Europe, Filière cheval du Québec (FCQ) propose “un mariage moderne et constructif” entre nos chevaux et l’agriculture.  Leur mémoire présenté à la Commission de l’agriculture, des pêcheries, de l’énergie et des ressources naturelles le 24 août 2011 souligne les raisons pour lesquelles l’industrie équine du Québec doit prendre une place intégrale en milieu agricole. Le texte du mémoire n’est pas très long et je vous encourage de le lire.

I think it is a progressive view of the QC horse industry’s future, one that cannot be viewed apart from the continuing health of Quebec agriculture.  Moreover–and you knew this was coming–it features the live horse industry and all it has to offer, especially as an important part of QC agriculture in general.  I receive the newsletters of La Terre de chez nous, one of the most informative, most read, and well-balanced agricultural newspapers in QC, and I know that the future of agriculture is mixed–some industries doing well, others falling well below expectations.  And…and I’m not saying this because I’m a Quebecker…Quebec does tend to launch social and environmental initiatives which other nations shilly-shally over for many months longer (gay, common-law, and abortion rights, carbon emission ceilings, etc).  Maybe it’s a direct result of the repressive Duplessis era, I don’t know, but I do know that in so many ways, Quebec is (already) independent.  You have Suzuki; we have Steven Guilbeault. Now all we need to be truly independent is to be able, like all mature nations, to take criticism, learn from it, and change appropriately (and you know I’m referring to horse slaughter on QC soil). Are you listening, Mr. Charest?

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