A Fair Look at Quebec Horsemanship

With the possibility of horse abattoirs re-opening in the US right now–in Missouri, Washington, and most recently, Florida–I thought this news would be a soothing corrective to the anxiety all horse-lovers are feeling these days.  What follows is an out an’ out advertisement for a new Camp de jour (Day Camp) opening at my cousins’ riding and training ranch in Mascouche, QC, called Le Ranch Equestre.  I want to be clear that just because my cousins own and operate Le Ranch Equestre Carola & Filles doesn’t mean that I am not objective about the quality of what they’re offering…not a bit…not at all. Why shouldn’t I be (although it’s true that these gorgeous young women share my gene pool, and each generation is more amazing than the last–but I digress….)

No, the fact is that hearing about their Day Camp reminded me that there is a vibrant, live horse industry in Quebec which continues to enjoy, celebrate and spread the love of horses to future generations, and this achieves two things:  it balances outsiders’ view of Quebec as one of the hotseats of the horse slaughter industry (and, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know my views on that…in spades); and, it ensures that there will always be future defenders of horses since places like Le Ranch Equestre (did I mention that it’s owned by my cousins?) make it their mission to show young people the intrinsic value of the horse.

“Getting soft, O wise and toothless one?” you wonder.  No, not soft, just fair.  There has always been a thriving live horse industry in Quebec, and yes, as elsewhere, there are abuses in every single discipline, but also, as elsewhere, there are equestriennes (like my cousins) who love and respect horses, and have made living, working and teaching about them their lives’ work.  For every post I write on this blog which bombards you with the facts that prove we must stop abusing and slaughtering horses, I submit this post about them and their work as evidence that the same love which drives the horse industry elsewhere exists here in Quebec.  And as the appetite for change grows–“we have awakened a sleeping giant”– it will also be through the work of these young women and thousands of others across Quebec that the excesses will be reined in, and the abuses halted.

All in all, it’s a pretty good deal considering that this is yet another way to share the love and understanding of horses across generations.  Now here’s the info (and don’t forget to mention that Cousin Cynthia sent you):

Le Ranch Équestre Carola et Filles, 2535 – 2537 Chemin St-Philippe, Mascouche. 450) 417 – 3637

Cet  été, le REC offre camp de jour pour les enfants de 6-8 ans et 9-12 ans.

Au programme :
Jeux d’ animation, cour privé d’ équitation d’ une heure ( à chaque jours ), soigner les chevaux e.t.c.

Groupe de 4 enfants maximum.

Dates :
25 au 29 juin
2- au 6 juillet
9 au 13 juillet
16 au 20 juillet
23 au 27 juillet

8h30 à 16h

Services de garde : 7h à 8h30 et 16h à 18H.

Tarfif :
375$ pour la semaine Tx. incl
Service de garde surplus de 25$ pour la semaine.

Next time, let’s talk about tax laws governing the horse industry…now won’t that be fun?

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