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Big Smile with Sky

An ESL teacher and business editor, Cynthia D’Errico has always felt a special empathy with animals, especially horses with whom she was raised. In 1995, she began actively advocating for animals, writing to local and international governments on their behalf, and volunteering for, and supporting shelters and global advocacy organizations. She continues to promote animals’ rights to live free of cruelty and neglect.

Cynthia D’Errico, author of Ground Manners. A Novel, is a judge of the International Writing Competition for Young Horse Lovers sponsored by VFTH; was a photography judge for the 2012 CHHAPS calendar; and her first novel has been quoted on the Tuesday’s Horse website, in their five-part series on horse slaughter written by Jane Allin.
Cynthia has donated copies of GM to the CHDC; copies as prizes for the Royal Bank Breast Cancer Fundraiser, the Royal Lepage Women’s Shelter Fundraiser, the CHHAPS 2011 Horse Show, the VFTH International Writing Competition for Young Horse Lovers, and the film, Wild Horses in Winds of Change, directed by Maya LeGrand.

Your Local Journal published Cynthia’s two-part article “Horsemeat:  A Deadly Mouthful” in May 2011.

Cynthia is a prolific blogger and writer of the Primers on Horse Slaughter, a three-part series which was featured in the Stablewoman’s Gazette in Dec 2011. She is a very proud member of CHHAPS (the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society) and the FPRPQ (la Federation de Producteurs des Races Patrimoniales du Quebec).

Her goal, along with a small but devoted group in Quebec, Canada, is to help make the entire horse industry in Quebec sustainable and more humane.  Apart from campaigning to end, once and for all, horse slaughter and certain practices in the rodeo culture, Cynthia wants the relationship between man and horse to flourish in a ‘saner, safer, humane way with total respect for the equine.’  She does not adhere to Orwellian, borg mentalities but rather seeks solutions to current industry practices which reduce–indeed, eliminate–harm and, above all, protect the equine from abuse, neglect, and slaughter.

Cynthia is currently writing her second novel.


“Civilized debate is the hallmark of evolved societies”.