Said the Spider to the Fly (Revised for the Farmers)

C‘est plus fort que moi…I just can’t help myself.  It’s been a very busy day (thanks to so many of you who’ve been in touch, expressing your support and love of horses).  In the interim, I’ve been trying to read the report mentioned in Where’s There’s Smoke…(there’s usually fire) .  I must say the report is well-produced, very professional.  So far…so far, one argument in favour of horse slaughter caught my eye.  I was impressed. It was just the kind and quality of argument I would hope to make (to a different end, of course).  It nearly stumped me…nearly.  And you may not know what my favourite colour is, but you know this much about me:  I never met an argument I didn’t want to arm-wrestle with.  

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Where There’s Smoke …

Since the CHDC announced the temporary shut-down of La Petite Nation slaughterhouse, their blog has been afire.  Now some time ago, I had heard what I thought were rumours about “drug-free” horse farms in Western Canada; in one case, I knew it wasn’t a rumour because the info came from an excellent source (“where there’s smoke…there is fire).  But, with all the other research I was doing, I didn’t delve in to the matter the way I should have.  I’ve got a lot of questions about such a practice,

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A Horse of a Different Colour

One of my very favourite scenes in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, is when the merry group led by Dorothy and Toto finally reach the Emerald Kingdom.  They are greeted at the door by a horse-and-carriage…and every time the camera lands on the horse, he is a different colour–sometimes, black, sometimes orange, but each time, different.  It was a charming literalization of the old English saying:  “…well now, that’s a horse of a different colour”…in the same way, you’d say “…now that’s a different kettle of fish”…when the topic of conversation goes off-topic.  And, when it comes to championing horses or animals generally, going off-topic happens quite often.

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Know Thine Enemy

I‘m being inundated with alerts about today’s Toronto Sun article(s):  one on the horsemeat industry in Canada, and the other featuring the restaurant, La Palette, in Ontario complaining that “they just can’t fill all their orders…not enough horsemeat available to their horse-eating customers because the CFIA is more stringent about the food safety of horsemeat.”  How unfortunate.  And on so many counts:

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Don’t Take My Word for It: Numbers Don’t Lie

As I’ve said again and again:  don’t take my word for it.  Do the research yourself.  So many Quebeckers are vehemently against horse slaughter but they haven’t got the time to do the research.  So here are a few facts (and, all of these have already been listed under my Primers on Horse Slaughter right here on my blog.  If the link doesn’t work, go to My Categories under Primers for Horse Slaughter).

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Horse Evangelists: Get a Grip!

Four Behaviours That will NEVER save horses:

Screaming, yelling, raising your voice:  A loud voice carries no information and only irritates the listener.

Name-calling, racism, tribalism or jingoism:  Unless you’re a schoolyard bully, you know how counter-productive all of  that is (and to the person who referred to “you people” on the Radio-Canada site, you need to work on your social skills).

Writing in English on a French-speaking site (or vice-versa):  This is imperialist colonialism at its worst, particularly if you’re not even Canadian.  At the very least, it’s a lack of courtesy which will overpower any message or opinion that you’re trying to share.  When in Rome, etc….

Reducing the importance of a very complex subject by using cliches, like “cut the crap!”:  Again, that is neither useful nor relevant…worst of all, it doesn’t even convey your opinion on the matter, so why even bother?

I just read a series of comments

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