A Horse of a Different Colour

One of my very favourite scenes in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, is when the merry group led by Dorothy and Toto finally reach the Emerald Kingdom.  They are greeted at the door by a horse-and-carriage…and every time the camera lands on the horse, he is a different colour–sometimes, black, sometimes orange, but each time, different.  It was a charming literalization of the old English saying:  “…well now, that’s a horse of a different colour”…in the same way, you’d say “…now that’s a different kettle of fish”…when the topic of conversation goes off-topic.  And, when it comes to championing horses or animals generally, going off-topic happens quite often.

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Wild for Life Fact Sheet

This is an excellent fact sheet produced by Wild for Life Foundation Equine Protection Program, Katia Louise, filmmaker, Saving Our Nation’s Horses and the Animal Law Coalition, Laura Allen.  Facts that Refute the 7 Most Common Myths about Horse Slaughter.  It’s already made the internet and social media rounds but I thought I’d post it here for good measure.http://savingamericashorses.blogspot.com/2012/02/facts-that-refute-7-most-common-myths.html


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Horse Evangelists: Get a Grip!

Four Behaviours That will NEVER save horses:

Screaming, yelling, raising your voice:  A loud voice carries no information and only irritates the listener.

Name-calling, racism, tribalism or jingoism:  Unless you’re a schoolyard bully, you know how counter-productive all of  that is (and to the person who referred to “you people” on the Radio-Canada site, you need to work on your social skills).

Writing in English on a French-speaking site (or vice-versa):  This is imperialist colonialism at its worst, particularly if you’re not even Canadian.  At the very least, it’s a lack of courtesy which will overpower any message or opinion that you’re trying to share.  When in Rome, etc….

Reducing the importance of a very complex subject by using cliches, like “cut the crap!”:  Again, that is neither useful nor relevant…worst of all, it doesn’t even convey your opinion on the matter, so why even bother?

I just read a series of comments

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A Sucker Born Every Minute

Français a suivre.  UPDATE/MISE A DATE :  Chad, the lovely young QH above has been placed in a good home with a couple of colts for company.  Merci a tous ceux qui ont demande des nouvelles de Chad qui vit maintenant la belle vie avec un nouveau propriétaire grace au diligence de Helene !

Even wealth and position won’t protect you or your horse from unscrupulous buyers–while horse racing commissions look the other way.   Kill-buyers  have testified to the many lies they tell owners desperate to place their beloved horse in a good home (check out Chad below, a 6-yr-old waiting for his forever home).  So why be shocked that it happens all the way up the ladder?  An upscale sucker is still a sucker and the deceitful buyer may be wearing a Rolex rather than jeans.  In this case, the lying buyer simply ignored the contract of sale which clearly states that injured Star Plus, was never again to be used in racing.  Obviously, he knew he could dupe the owner and get away with it, knew that the racing commissions wouldn’t intervene.   The owner is doing everything he can to get this horse back (get him off the racetrack especially since he is a danger to himself, jockeys and other horses) yet the American racing commissions are doing nothing to help him stop this unconscionable breach of contract, criminal endangerment, and criminal animal neglect.

On a less publicized scale, we have Chad, a good-tempered, calm and quite lovely dun QH of 6 hrs old who needs a home.  Chad (see pix) has just a touch of arthritis, enough to keep his loving and responsible owner from ever again showing him in dressage or eventing.  He can be used for light trail riding or as a learner horse for youngsters or as a stabilizing companion for another horse.  His owner needs to place him by the end of February.  If Chad speaks to you, contact me at cynthia@cynthiaderrico.com and I will put you in touch with his owner.  Her plea follows:

j’ai un beau quarter horse enregistré à donner dans une bonne famille. Il a 6 ans, mesure 15,3 mains et est de couleur Dun. Il est très beau et calme. Depuis la fin de l’été, il boîtait un peu et on a découvert qu’il faisait de l’arthrite. Il a été injecté aux jarrets et ça va mieux mais il reste quelque chose au grasset droit encore. Je ne peux plus l’utiliser pour faire du dressage et encore moins du saut depuis le mois de septembre. Je le monte encore 4ou 5 fois par semaine de façon légère (pas,trot,galop) et il fait de la trail. J’aimerais qu’il continue à avoir une belle vie avec des gens qui vont en prendre soin car il le mérite vraiment. Ça pourrait être un bon compagnon pour un autre cheval et il pourrait être encore monté pour de la trail ou des petits cours aux débutants. Il vit au box et est sorti tous les jours.J’ai contacté le refuge Galahad mais ils n’ont pas de place avant la fin mai car ils inspectent les futurs centres d’hébergement et ça va prendre du temps. En principe, j’aimerais qu’il parte pour à la fin de février. C’est dur mais je dois me résoudre à cette éventualité!
merci beaucoup!


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Canadian Mustangs Menaced

In November 2010, I wrote a blog entitled Saving our Mustangs in Canada (scroll down to last blog on that page) about the great work WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta Society) does, and asked readers to sign its petition.  I’m asking again before the few remaining symbols of our history are decimated by the Alberta government’s “cull”.  Go here and sign. 

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Refuge RR Winter Fundraiser

Refuge RR Winter Fundraiser

I just read on the CHDC blog that Refuge RR for Horses needs help to continue their water and hay feed supply for the winter.  I worked as a volunteer with RR for a couple of years, and I can vouch for its owner, Rose, and the wonderful work she and her family (and her devoted volunteers) do.  Located in Alexandria, Ontario, a great number of RR’s rescued horses come from Quebec.  Go to their website and donate money, blankets, feed, hold a fundraiser, become a sponsor or anything else you can think of to help out.  Plus que 98 pourcent de leur rescapes viennent de la province du Quebec.  SVP aidez Refuge RR a soigner les equides mis a cote, ignorer, negliger…surtout ceux qui ont passe leurs vies en service et maintenant meritent une retraite tranquille au lieu de l’horreur des abattoirs. God will bless us for taking care of His magnificent creature…one with whom his other creature, Man, has always had a special relationship.

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