No More Quebec Bashing: Evolution

via Chamie Andorette, le Refuge Galahad :

A voir ce soir à TVA, la face cachée de la viande ! Le but du documentaire n’est pas de faire la morale aux Québécois en disant qu’ils consomment trop de viande, par exemple, a expliqué Sophie Durocher. L’objectif est de présenter la réali
té telle qu’elle est et de montrer comment ça se passe au Québec, comment les animaux sont élevés et abattus, illustrer l’impact sur l’environnement, et donner la parole à des médecins qui ont consulté de nombreuses études et à des gens qui ont fait le choix d’être végétariens et qui s’en portent très bien. »
 That’s Dec 9, 2012, channel 115, TVA-M (Bell).  Check for the Videotron station.   The Hidden Face of Meat Production, with Sophie Durocher.
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Thoroughbred Slaughter Banned at Viandes Richelieu

Go the CHDC site for more details on how this piece of luck came about:


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Horses in the Asphalt Jungle

Reminder:  Horses Without Carriages International Day demonstration, June 9th (revised from June 2nd), 12 to 2pm, Montreal Hotel de Ville (City Hall), 275 Notre Dame Street.  Another demonstration will be held on JUNE 30TH, same location.  

I was astonished to discover recently that horsemen who practise Natural Horsemanship, of whatever origin, also support horse-driven caleches in cities as big as Montreal (3 million), a city so swelteringly hot and humid in the summertime that young children and the elderly keep indoors for health reasons.   Let me backtrack.  As I understand NH techniques as applied to equines, the premise is that the horse is a prey animal, subject to flight responses (including panic) when confronted by smells, noises, objects, or environments he is unfamiliar with.  

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Is Horse Slaughter Now a Cottage Industry? Revised

On my earlier posts about the repealing of Section 33 of the Meat Inspection Act of 1990, Alert! Horse Apartheid, and Are you Eating Beef Laced with Horsemeat, there was a revealing comment shared by Theresa Anne Nolet, a horse advocate.  This is what she wrote:

Good day Cynthia just received an email response from Dr.Brian Evans of CFIA in response to an email I had sent him.

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Captive Stunbolt vs Halal Slaughter

Quebeckers don’t seem to know that the two horse abattoirs here don’t even use stunbolts; they use 22-calibre rifles instead. Thus the entire argument put forward by the PQ which claims to know “Quebec values” best is bogus, completely false, and betrays an enormous ignorance of what’s going on in la patrie. Please read on.

I am indebted to Ihsaan Gardee writing in The Montreal Gazette today regarding the Parti Quebecois (PQ) once again demonizing cultural practices which they claim ” are against traditional Quebec values”…those apparently being to use the captive stunbolt in slaughterhouses as this is supposed to be more humane than kosher or halal slaughter methods.  Mr. Gardee refers to a study done by The School of Veterinary Medicine at Hanover University, Germany.  I urge everyone to click on that link

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Un seul résultat réel

This post is a conversation conducted in French among three people. It pits the informed horse lover against the uninformed horse lover. Nothing new here except for the eloquence of my friend, Evelyne and someone named Cody Leblanc. Please share this post with your French-speaking friends and relatives. It is crucial to get the truth and the facts out there because all Quebec horse lovers need to know what is really happening in their abattoirs. Continuons en français….

Bobinette :   Un débat à deux sens, deux mesures, deux mentalités, mais un seul résultat réel: les chevaux souffrent plus de la fermeture des abattoirs, car ceux qui y ont recours (pour diverses raisons) n’auront pas d’autres options.

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