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To Eat or Not to Eat… your Horse?

Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in *Featured Articles*, Animal Welfare, Horse Breeding, Human Health, Mustangs | 5 comments

To Eat or Not to Eat…   your Horse?

If you read my last blog about the CFIA asking to consult the Canadian public on traceability requirements for food animals (which includes horses),  you also read Roxanne’s comment.  Roxanne sums up everything so well that this blog post is devoted to her comment alone.  Please click the link and read the CFIA’s original notice so you can fully appreciate her excellent points. How different we are here. A national animal identification system was much protested and rejected in the United States. Implementing an NAIS will...

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Bear Witness to the Facts

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in *Featured Articles*, Another Brick in the Wall, Quebec Horse Industry, Slaughter Facts & Stats | 0 comments

Recently, I’ve received emails saying that I should have been clearer about the non-relationship between abattoir closures in the US in 2007 and the phenomenon of horse abandonment.  (I don’t know about that.  I thought my Primers on Horse Slaughter on this blog and published on The Stablewoman Gazette clearly showed that there was no relationship.  But I tend to live in my head, so I may be wrong about how clear my writing was.) So, according to the US government’s Government Accountability Office (GAO) report:...

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A Primer on Horse Slaughter (A)

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 in *Featured Articles*, Health and all that Jazz, Horses, Human Health, Primers on Horse Slaughter, Quebec Horse Industry, Slaughter Facts & Stats | 4 comments

First published in early November of 2011 – I have put this post up front because it has become buried beneath my more recent posts and readers often have to search for it.  Enjoy and don’t forget to check Primer part B, part B+,  part C (The Last Part – Possibly) and appendices, as well as the ‘Slaughter Stats and Facts’ category for updates. I have also created a ‘Featured Articles’ page to display popular blog posts. Before I set up the Q&A format, let me say that, at no time,...

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The CFIA Hedges its Bets on Our Health (Revised)

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in *Featured Articles*, Another Brick in the Wall, Horses, Human Health, Media Reports, Slaughter Facts & Stats | 5 comments

You have to wonder what the CFIA did before now.   UPDATE: In answer to that question, Roxanne (whose comment appears below) supplied the answer. Her remarks are laden with useful information which puts this post in a new light…so I have inserted her comment here. And pls read her comments below as well. (In fact, I may completely rewrite this post at a later date.) Roxanne: The CFIA is only 10 years old. Canada Border Services is only 8 years old. Prior to that there were several different agencies responsible for several...

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