Easy-peasey Way to Reach Your MP

As an adjunct to the CHDC petition in support of Bill C-322, I’ve had bilingual postcards printed up which constituents can send to their respective MP’s to let them know that support for this Bill is out there.  Download the two sides of this postcard and send a postcard to your own MP (federal); then make more to give to your friends, neighbours, acquaintances, and family.  MP’s pay attention to their own constituents in their own ridings, so the more of these postcards that are sent, the more our MP’s in all ridings across Canada will understand how much support for Bill C-322 (which opposes horse slaughter) is out there.

I can also send you ready-made postcards (between 10 and 25 for now).  Just send me your postal address.  There’s no charge (I’ll pay shipping too if you live in Canada).  If I see that demand is more than expected, I’ll have more printed.  Americans and international horse advocates are also invited to send these postcards.  We need all the help we can get in getting Bill C-322 passed…and if that fails, ANY bill opposing horse slaughter, the import of horses for slaughter and the exportation of (tainted) horsemeat to foreign countries.  Selling tainted meat to foreign countries is not part of Canada’s, nor Quebec’s, culture.  Now…let’s get on with it and save our horses.  If you have a problem accessing or downloading these images, email me at cynthia@cynthiaderrico.com .

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Listen Up: Part Two. The Petition

Here are the links you need to support Bill C-322 in English et en francais.  Remember that the Canadian Parliament requires hard copies with real, not online, signatures, so we need people on the ground collecting paper-and-ink signatures.  It’s not easy but it is.  Think about where you run your errands:  every single outlet/store/business you deal with can display a copy of this petition to their customers/clients.  Make sure to leave your phone number or email addy so that curious or cautious people can contact you for more information.  What we need to tell people is that the drug “bute” is retained in horse carcasses and entrails (used in cosmetics, etc) and is deadly to humans, especially children.  

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