A Most Unselfish Decision: Part Two

Yes, what to do with this smart, sweet, loving dog who just didn’t quite fit the quieter habits of my brother and his wife?  Now, you know I hate being maudlin, and of course, I am completely objective when I say this, but my brother and my sister-in-law are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  And their solicitude for this dog is a perfect example.  They could have just turned the dog over to the infamous Berger Blanc, a for-profit agency sanctioned by the city of Montreal to “shelter” stray pets until their owner shows up (more on the nefarious Berger Blanc later), turned their backs on him and went about their business.  But no.  Instead, they tried to find the dog’s owner (after all, he was groomed like a showdog, was perfectly healthy, fixed, house- and otherwise- trained)…to no avail; took him to a vet.  Then they thought maybe they should just keep him, and everyone chimed in “keep it, keep it,” as if he were a brand-new sofa that someone had left on your doorstep.   (Oh people who are good but whose goodness is powered by thoughtlessness rather than sober attention.)

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