Captive Stunbolt vs Halal Slaughter

Quebeckers don’t seem to know that the two horse abattoirs here don’t even use stunbolts; they use 22-calibre rifles instead. Thus the entire argument put forward by the PQ which claims to know “Quebec values” best is bogus, completely false, and betrays an enormous ignorance of what’s going on in la patrie. Please read on.

I am indebted to Ihsaan Gardee writing in The Montreal Gazette today regarding the Parti Quebecois (PQ) once again demonizing cultural practices which they claim ” are against traditional Quebec values”…those apparently being to use the captive stunbolt in slaughterhouses as this is supposed to be more humane than kosher or halal slaughter methods.  Mr. Gardee refers to a study done by The School of Veterinary Medicine at Hanover University, Germany.  I urge everyone to click on that link

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