Horse Tartar & Toxoplasmosis

I know…it was hard to write so I imagine y’all had a gut reaction to even reading the gruesome image embedded in that title.  According to a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) report, (Vol. 17, No. 7, July 2011) raw horsemeat causes death from something called toxoplasmosis due to the T. gondii parasite.  ‘Why would anyone eat raw meat, period?’ I hear you asking.  Apparently, in France, it is common practice to eat raw horsemeat, considered to be good for one’s health (that’s what I was told, too, when, as a child, I was made to swallow cod liver oil).  There is no accounting for era-specific and culture-specific traditions, it seems.

The report analyzes three cases of disease (in one case, foetal death) traced to horsemeat imported from Canada and Brazil (in one case, the origin of the horsemeat ingested could not be determined).  

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