The Princess and the Pea

Before I post the fabulous photos Deb and her husband, Ron, took of me while I was at their “horse heaven” in Abbotsford, I need to think through (which, for me, always means “write through”) the many comments and opinions I’ve heard thus far about Ground Manners. A Novel.  I suppose I could describe my readers as either general fiction readers or horse-owning readers.  The general readers enjoyed the storyline and/or the historical bits and/or the narrative style (which some thought poetic and others thought easy to read).  I was thrilled when Evelyne Villers, journalist and horsewoman, caught the few witticisms laced throughout the text here and there.  I’m not sure anyone else did, or if they did, they didn’t see fit to mention them.  That omission brings me to the horse-owning readers.  

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