from the Stupid to the Sublime

It’s not often I encounter someone whose IQ is so low that I consider their existence to be a waste of space.  My definition of stupidity is:  “Stupidity is the unwillingness to learn” because I didn’t believe in “stupidity” per se.  In this particular case, I’d also add one of my favourite quotes by the poet John Donne:  “No man is an island…ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”  I’ll explain shortly why that last quote is so relevant to this rant by a livestock owner who is only at the top of the food chain by accident of birth or, um species, and certainly not for any other saving grace.  Note that the emotional, almost hysterical, tone adopted by this, um, writer is exactly what the pro slaughterers claim is what horse advocates indulge in…reminiscent of Anita Bryant or Pa Kettle (well, to be fair, Pa was thick but kind-hearted).  Hmm…read on and decide for yourself.  Then go on to read two responses, one from another farmer, and one from Animal Advocates of Michigan.

In answer to a politely written Letter to the Editor of located in Salem, Ohio, he writes:

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Eclipse of the Facts

Today, November 30th, 2011, you can go to any major magazine, media or newspaper source, and read that Obama has re-instated horse slaughter in the US.  It’s true that on November 17th, a government committee voted three-to-one to restore funding for the inspection of horse abattoirs by the USDA should horse slaughter ever become legal again in the United States–and they did this by default.  As I understand it, the “de-funding” language was always included up to now.  So the door we thought made of adamantium has opened onto a can of worms, and an old can at that.

It’s quite possible that one of the arguments used to persuade Obama to renege on his campaign and incumbency promises to keep the slaughter ban on the books were whispers that Canada was on the verge of banning it, and then US slaughter-bound horses would all go to Mexico…so perhaps best to prepare the legal ground to re-patriate the horrid industry? The, um, boisterous ejaculations of the American pro-slaughter industry, seem premature to me, however, since even with the permission re-instated, the USDA would still need inspectors for the horsemeat itself.  And then there would be environmental concerns upfront since horse blood cannot be composted or recycled like cow blood and is a contaminant (horses also have more blood by volume than cows as well).  Would there be more funding for environmental specialists to oversee the disposal of horse blood?  NIMBY (Not in my backyard) could well curdle the slaughter industry’s efforts, as well as the funding monies required for monitoring at a time when the US economy is in a recession. 

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