Conspiracy Guy: I’m Just Say’n

Conspiracy Guy:  I’m Just Say’n

Every now and then, there is an article in The Montreal Gazette which manages to overcome The Gazette’s increasing mediocrity and is surprisingly substantive.  Hubert Bauch’s “Clinging to Conspiracies” was in this weekend’s paper.  Quoting psychologist Patrick Leman, he writes:  “…belief in conspiracies…is a coping mechanism for the insecure….on the one hand, convincing ourselves of conspiracy theories wishes away the stark, terrifying arbitrariness of life on this Earth, or, on the other, compensates for a sense of disempowerment and enables people to blame personal failures on the clandestine machinations of a malevolent governing system that conspires to keep them down….”  Towards the end of the article, Bauch quotes comedian Dennis Miller’s view as a sharp corrective to such milquetoast self-absorption:  “the biggest conspiracy has always been that there is no conspiracy.  Nobody’s out to get you. Nobody gives a shit whether you live or die.  There, do you feel better now?”  

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